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Single Bottle (12 Ounces)

Single Bottle (12 Ounces)

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Golden Citrus 4

Orange | Papaya | Lemon | Ginger | Tumeric | Black Pepper

Start the day off right with this refreshing mix of citrus, papaya and ginger.

Helps to break up mucus and congestion while reducing inflammation. Papaya enzymes aid in digestion and hormone regulation. Golden Citrus is packed antioxidants and vitamins A,C and E. 

The Blue Print 3

Pineapple | Green Apple | Coconut Water | Mint | Blue Spirulina 

This blend of pineapple and mint tastes like summer. We added coconut water to supply supreme hydration. The Blue Print boots immunity, improves digestion and has spirulina to provide a nutrient dense protein source. 

Heart Beets

Orange| Beets | Sweet Potato | Cilantro | Lemon

Enjoy your roots with this satisfying beet and sweet potato fusion. We added oranges (vitamin C) to ensure the Iron from the beets is well absorbed. Heart Beets is amazing for muscle recovery, liver function and hormone regulation.

Green Light

Apple | Cucumber | Celery | Kale | Cilantro | Ginger | Lemon

The perfect easy green combination to detoxify your body. Celery and cucumber hydrate and help with bloating. Green Light is full of antioxidants that improve the health of skin, hair and nails.


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