About us

More Life Liquid was created in response to the current health condition in America.

As a country rich in soil, indigenous people and heritage we believe no one should be deprived of quality health.

Through the applied wisdom of natural fruits, vegetable, herbs and traditions we strive to offer liquids that bring about MORE LIFE!

  • Integrity

    We use slow masticating (cold pressed) technology to ensure the ingredients in our liquid formulas are left un-comprimised.

  • Allies

    Our partners include local farms, gardens and orchards that specialize in food systems to produce ethically grown foods.

  • Sustainability

    All of our products are stored in high quality glass bottles to help eliminate the harm associated with consuming plastics, making us an eco- friendly brand.

Our founder

Ashley "Queen Morelife" Donaldson is a naturopath mixologist, advocate for sobriety and event producer who embodies resilience, determination, and a commitment to positive change.

As an original woman who has overcome numerous challenges, she stands as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking transformation and empowerment.

Queen refused to be defined by her circumstances. With unwavering determination, she carved her path to success, channeling her experiences into fuel for growth and innovation.

Through sheer grit and passion, Queen established More Life Liquid, a testament to her dedication to wellness and sobriety advocacy in communities of color. Each bottle is a celebration of life, offering a taste of indulgence without compromise.

With a bold dream to create lasting impact, she is on a mission to open a multi-use compound—a sanctuary where produce thrives, entertainment flourishes, restoration abounds, and education enlightens.

Driven by her passion for community empowerment, Queen is dedicated to creating a space where sobriety thrives, where stories are shared, and where dreams are nurtured into reality.

Join Queen on her journey of empowerment, wellness, and advocacy. 

Current Projects

The Mothership Collection

In 2022 Queen Morelife & Kaori Nik joined forces to bring their shared  passion for empowering a world based on healthy living with plant based foods.

Kaori Nik presented a futuristic vision called, “The Mothership”. The vision aligned perfectly with Queen’s vision to elevate the brand.

With a new luxury glass bottle, label design and intentional crafted recipes, this dynamic team launched The Mothership Collection August 8th, 2023.

Elevate Residency

a brand residency designed to integrate naturopathic Mixology/ non-alcoholic options within bar and lounge settings. 

This proactive approach helps to reframing traditional drinking behaviors centered around customized menus with an opulent presentation.


an off the grid safe space for transformational learning and experiences. Currently in developmental stages, projecting to open 2025-2026.

SĀFHAUS community seeks to preserve:

  • Community collaboration,
  • Programming & education
  • Wellness services
  • Non- alcoholic beverage menu
  • Entertainment & Art

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