More Life Liquid is a wellness company offering non-alcoholic, non-toxic beverages designed to promote vitality and well-being. We are committed to providing healthy alternatives that prioritize your health and inspire a vibrant lifestyle.

At More Life Liquid, our conscious concept revolves around sourcing high-quality ingredients, fostering brand partnerships, and implementing initiatives that enable us to deliver products firmly grounded in sustainability. We prioritize sustainable packaging and have established processes for composting that return nutrients to farmlands, supporting regeneration and environmental stewardship.

Join our sustainability journey!

by Afro Vegan Beauty

a lifestyle wellness brand that focuses on increasing plant wisdom, cosmetic literacy and mindful consumption. Indulge in four juices formulated by Kaori Nik, founder of Afro Vegan Beauty.

Ancient Code

The Mothership Collection travels BEYOND  cold pressed juices: With ANCIENT CODE embedded on each glass bottle making every sip a recollection of heritage, ancestral wisdom & the FUTURE!