About Us

More Life Brands is a holistic wellness company that is dedicated to increasing the overall well-being of our clients. We believe in utilizing the natural resources left on this planet to enhance, increase, and improve the quality of life. Our goal is to help others develop a healthy balance within ones physical, environmental, social, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Our Mission

More Life Brands creates an opportunity to raise awareness of health to individuals seeking health consciousness. The More Life programs are designed to heal, enlighten, educate and inspire those seeking to attain a More virtuous Life!  Our desire is to help others question and understand both the positive and negative aspects of their lives, as it relates to what individuals are feeding their body and soul. We are here to give More Life to those in need of an increase. Through education, personal works, action, along with trusting and believing we intend to fulfill our mission.

“The solution to our healing crisis lies in the fundamental question: Are we willing to challenge our appetites, desires and wants? The extent of our change determines whether we are serious about healing ourselves.” – Queen Afua (Heal Thyself)